The Indie Interfaces: GPS / MESI IP Discoverability Engine Project, is a three-year collaborative grant and initiative between Concordia and GamePlay Space which launched in early 2018. The project, which developed out of the 2017 Indie Interfaces symposium and research group, has presented an interesting opportunity to bridge the gap between academic and industry interests and discussions. The research side of the ‘Discoverability Engine’ aims to explore challenges related to visibility, attention, and sustainability that many independent game studios in Montreal face when developing and releasing a game. Working closely with the GamePlay Space team, the research involves a correlation of qualitative and quantitative onsite research in order to create comprehensive snapshots of each studio in the space, as well as the coordination of pedagogical events and initiatives aimed to help devs improve their business and marketing strategies. Data, information and analysis generated during this study will be used to help evaluate discoverability initiatives for indies as well as provide guidance and advice for future initiatives.